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How I'm Helping
Aid Workers Like You Find Your Next Humanitarian Aid Job

Are you an aid worker aspiring to secure meaningful humanitarian aid jobs?

But do you feel frustrated by the daunting challenges of finding your ideal humanitarian job or navigating the fiercely competitive humanitarian aid job market all on your own?

I understand the frustrations you’re facing, I´ve been there myself. That´s why I created Jobs for Humanitarians.

I offer a unique blend of field insight and recruitment expertise to guide you through the humanitarian job market with unwavering confidence and precision, ultimately propelling your career to new heights.

Your Advantage:
Aid Work and Recruitment Expertise Combined

Over a decade of dedicated experience in the humanitarian sector, specializing in the world of humanitarian aid jobs.

🌍 A background deeply rooted in both aid work and recruitment, providing you with a distinct advantage in your job search for humanitarian aid positions.

🗺️ My mission is to be your trusted compass, steering you towards the ideal humanitarian job that aligns with your passion and expertise.

🌟 Firsthand experience in various senior management positions for INGOs across four continents, offering unparalleled insights into the complex landscape of humanitarian aid work.

🤝 I understand the unique challenges that aid workers like you face in the quest for humanitarian aid jobs, including:

📄 Crafting compelling applications tailored for humanitarian aid job openings.

🎤 Excelling in interviews within the highly competitive humanitarian sector.

🎯 Finding the perfect fit amid the fierce competition in the field of humanitarian aid.

Let’s collaborate to overcome your challenges, unlock your dream role, and find the right humanitarian aid job for you.

Are you prepared to embark on this journey to a fulfilling career in humanitarian aid?

Let’s get started, and I’ll be here to guide you past these hurdles.

Robert Laude, Founder of Jobs For Humanitarians

My career in humanitarian aid and international development cooperation: 
(Logistics Coordinator Indonesia, Base Manager South Sudan, Field Coordinator Sudan, Regional Field Coordinator Africa,
Country Director Indonesia, Deputy Country Director Papua Newguinea, Program Manager Africa)

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